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The ambassador program

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

the touch of black lion

Black Lion is a bold and forward thinking airsoft brand, inspired by technology and design. Our goal is to create Sight Guards that become part of your own personal look. Quality always comes first in everything we do, say and show.

Are you an enthusiastic Black Lion user? Do you share our sense of quality and design in such a way that you want to share this with your friends and acquaintances? Then read on quickly.

what's gonna hit you

The Black Lion Ambassador Program allows you or your team to have a 15% off customisable discount code in our store, and a further 10% off code to use as a promotional code to bring attention to our company and brand. ​


We want you to repost our posts and stories when we run a sale or release a new product. We want you to let your followers know what's happening and help us to reach more people. We'd also like you to recommend us to your friends and teammates at games through word of mouth and put in a good word when we release a new product or when opportunities present themselves. Essential help us to reach more people!


If this sounds of interest to you and you wish to join, welcome to the team! Here are the next steps. Please send an email to stating what you want your customised discount code to be (EG: CALLSIGNBLACKLION for 10% off) and we will set up our generic code for ambassadors that you can use personally and the custom code you chose. The codes will be added and we will add you to our mail list. Once the codes have been confirmed, mention that you are an Black Lion ambassador in your bio/bio’s using our @ and please make an announcement post and story so people know where to go, don't forget to show off your new code.


Entering this deal means you will be an ambassador for our brand. However we are not your sponsor so please refrain from mentioning that we "sponsor" you. This deal does not entitle you to free items. The benefits are as stated in paragraph two.

NOTE: The Ambassador Program is intended for individuals only. Enthusiastic airsofters who promote Black Lion in a personal capacity.