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Sight Guard – STEALTH | Loose Shield

(5 customer reviews)


All Black Lion Sight Guards are made of high quality polycarbonate and tested under extreme conditions. We guarantee unbreakability under normal airsoft conditions. So you don’t have to worry about your aiming device anymore, because Black Lion is watching your six.

Our Sight Guards are high end protectors developed with the greatest care. The balance between usability and design is our characteristic feature. A signature look inspired by the specific shapes of military stealth vehicles.​

All our Sight Guards are tested under extreme conditions. We guarantee unbreakability under normal airsoft conditions.

This is a loose protector shield. This Black Lion Sight Guard – STEALTH fits to any existing protector stand.​






H55 x W50 mm

Scratch-resistant layer

Yes [front and back]

Impact resistance

250 times stronger than glass


5 gram

Allen key included


Black Lion fiber cloth included


Black Lion velvet sachet included


5 reviews for Sight Guard – STEALTH | Loose Shield

  1. Bas

    Because of its design it’s not only working perfect it also looks very nice. It’s big enough for different red-dots and sights. Even when I switch them, my sights and red-dots are always protected.
    That’s also the only downside to this. For some setups is a bit to big/bulky.

    The Netherlands

  2. Dennis

    After using the Black Lion Sight Guard for about 2 months now i’ll have to admit i’m happily surprised about it’s quality and design.

    It’s big enough to cover my red dot wich is raised 2″ and the design is neat and streamlined.

    About the unbreakable part i’m so far still a bit skeptical but even i have to admit it allready withstood some harsh shots from pritty close range without leaving a scratch.

    Overall the best schieldgard i’ve seen so far and rate it 5/5.

    Keep up the good work!

    Dennis – The Netherlands

  3. Bjorn Hees

    Switching to the Black Lion sight protector was simply unscrewing my broken protector plate and screwing on the Black Lion protector. Easy as that! The plus side is that since switching to the Black Lion protector I didn’t have to change it anymore! Not even once! No more risk of running around with a broken protector without even noticing it and losing your sight all together.

    The Netherlands

  4. Jordy Bolderdijk

    I’m the kind of guy that runs at you when you try to shoot me, I get hit from close range often, my gun gets hit from close range often, my first protector broke after about two hits….
    The Black Lion protector is still fine after many close range encounters.
    Long story short it’s a great protector.

    The Netherlands

  5. Matt Cruiser

    I’ve lost about 14 different protectors since I started almost 9 years ago…
    The Black Lion sight guard has yet to fail me however, and it’s taken a fair amount of hits thus far!
    If you care about your optic, it’s an easy investment to make – and certainly one that looks better than any average protector.

    The Netherlands

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